Ex. Lombardia - Italian Raid Commando

Exercise Lombarida was is an 18 hour patrolling exercise in Italy, where teams of 4 navigate between check points and complete tasks at stands placed along the course. Navigation is a key part of the exercise, as we started at 23:00 hrs, the first 6 hours was completed in the dark.

There was also the requirement of a minimum 10kg weight not including food and water, after adding 5 litres of water, and 2kg of rations it was considerably over 10kg.

Click here to view our tracks, on Googles MyTracks app. If you zoom in you'll see how lost we got at times!

Click here to read more about the competition
Team photograph afterwards, by the lake

Dev Lab Live Hackathon (London)

Dev Lab Live was a 3 day event - with the last two days (Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th May) being a hackathon, held at Level39 - a great tech space at One Canada Square.

Me and Jagdeep being presented our Intelligent Headset (2nd place)

The food was as always AMAZING

The view in the evening
4:30 AM and we're still coding, nearly everyone else has gone for a nap


And overall me and my friend came second - and we won some great stuff, app will be on the play store very soon :)

Degree Level Computer Science Website

I've started creating a computer science website, aimed at anyone who'd like to learn more about the subject, but with a particular emphasis on the content taught on computer science undergrad degree's. See links below.

I will continue adding to it over the coming months and years, so hopefully it will be of help and/or interest to people :) It has also got some diagrams and links to relevant quizzes and tests, if your using if for revision. There are no adverts and a clean un-distracting interface.

Screen shot of data structures index

Army Vs Navy 2014 at Twickenham

Army Vs Navy was held on Satarday the 3rd of May, it was an amazing day and Twickenham stadium was full to capacity with 85,000 people. The final score was Army 30: Navy 17, although at half time Navy has the lead.