Smart Depart App - AngelHack 2015 - HP Prize Winner

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Smart Depart is an app which monitors your predefined route into work, and will wake you up earlier if there are delays, ensuring your never late for meetings.

Currently it is integrated with TFL, but we plan to start integrating it with National Rail, traffic and weather data too.

The client is an iOS app written by Ollie, and links in with the backend which is written in Node.js
Smart Depart is also integrated with HP OnDemand IDOL, where we used Sentimant analysis API.
We used this tool to analyes multiple body's of Tweets, fetched from witin a given time frame and Tweeting about a particualr London Undergraound line. This enables us to determine whather the general attitude towards each undergraoud line is positive or negative and apply an extra layer of contextutal information to our application.

Smart Depart won 2nd overall at AngelHack and won the HP sponsor prize.

Ollie and I a few hours in

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Polymer and Moder Web API's

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Polymer is part of the web platform team, and it officially began 3 years ago - but last week Google announced that 1.0 has been released, and ready for production. Previously building web apps across multiple platforms and form factors was really challenging, different components are not always designed to work together - the answer to this is web components.

Web components allow custom components to be used everywhere, and they are interoperable, meaning they add another layer of functionality above the platform but below other frameworks. Web components standardise everything.

Polymer is the library for building web components, it makes it fast and easy to build web components that can be used everywhere. Polymer is not a framework - because web components are not a framework, web components with polymer are not replacing anything else, they can work with everything else.

Polymer 1.0

Polymer 1.0 is brand new, every line of code has been re-written in the past year, so that it is considerably faster, less-complex and generally and better than the previous 0.x versions.  It is 3 times faster on Chrome (than previous versions), 4 times faster on mobile safari - and 30% less code overall. The whole thing is only (19kb - ) 42 kb, including all the polyfills...
1.0 also has a lot of new features. Firstly shady dom which replaces the shadow polymer dom. It is simpler implementation.

Another core new feature in 1.0 is teeming and styling with CSS custom properties. Web components introduced scoping and custom CSS selectors.

Polymer Elements

Initially there were two main branches of components in polymer. The iron elements and the paper elements. Google have introduced three new branches.

Firstly, the Google web components. So ifc you need to add Google maps for example, use the Google Map tag. There are elements for all of Googles core web services introduced. It's a new Google SDK for the web created through these elements.

A second branch of elements introduced are the platinum elements, these bring together powerful features such as service workers. So dropping push notifications on to your page, or offline cashing, or anything like that - just put the approprieate element into your page.

The gold elements, these include mobile and web ecomerce and high quality check out processes. Such as verifying credit card details.

Google have also created a catalogue of polymer elements

Read Google's official blog announcement here

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@suggest_movies Friction free social movie recommendations

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Send a tweet to @suggest_movies and receive a personalized movie recommendation back.

@suggest_movies will analyse your public tweets from your Twitter profile and use personality insights powered by IBM Watson to create a profile of your character and determine what movie genre's you'd be interested in. It will then select a movie that it thinks you'd like and tweet it back to you along with a link of where you can watch it.

There is also a cinema mode, so if you use the word showing, cinema, nearby.... it will use it's recommendations engine to choose you a film that is showing in a cinema near you, and also give you details and a link to book your ticket.

How it works

All the code is open source and available on GitHub here
Source code is on GitHub
Source available on GitHub

Oh yeah and we came second, winning way too many movies and a bit of money which was nice :)

Presenting @Suggest_Movies

The live demo

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Chilton 100

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The Chilton 100 was a 122km /177km sportive in the Chilton Hills

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