Completed 3 weeks Java training

Everyone working
Since starting here 3 weeks ago I have completed an internal Java training program, which included 2 weeks of seminars outlining the key principles of the Java programming language and how we will apply these principles to create enterprise applications for a variety of platforms. The final week we were tasked to create a festival booking system for a hypothetical town. This included a Java based backend and JSP, and SQL, as well as a HTML, CSS and JavaScript front end.

Afternoon break
The teaching and resources provided throughout the course was very good, and we were always given the opportunity to expand our knowledge, or ask for help.

Also since there was 30 of us on the course we were able to get together in the evenings for some social events, drinks and meals around London after work. This gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss what we had learnt in the past few days.

Whole group photo

Our team (Ben, George, me, Venetta, Ollie)

Drinks after work and after the last day:

Evening after last training