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Send a tweet to @suggest_movies and receive a personalized movie recommendation back.

@suggest_movies will analyse your public tweets from your Twitter profile and use personality insights powered by IBM Watson to create a profile of your character and determine what movie genre's you'd be interested in. It will then select a movie that it thinks you'd like and tweet it back to you along with a link of where you can watch it.

There is also a cinema mode, so if you use the word showing, cinema, nearby.... it will use it's recommendations engine to choose you a film that is showing in a cinema near you, and also give you details and a link to book your ticket.

How it works

All the code is open source and available on GitHub here
Source code is on GitHub
Source available on GitHub

Oh yeah and we came second, winning way too many movies and a bit of money which was nice :)

Presenting @Suggest_Movies

The live demo

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