Finished Working at a Raspberry Pi after-school club

For the last few terms I have been helping out at an extra-curricular raspberry pi programming club for 13-15 year old's at the Oxford Academy in Blackbird Leys. It had been great to have seen and helped the kids progress from knowing virtually nothing about programming to being able to write fully functional programs.

In the end everyone worked together to program raspberry pi's to play the xylophone. The xylophone itself was built by kinds in the schools DT department, and the music that is played was composed by the music department. I wrote the program to convert the music written by an electronic keyboard into a multidimensional Python array in a text file, and the members of the club wrote everything else.

It was on display at the Ashmoleans Live Friday event on the 14th of March
(which unfortunately I couldn't attend due to another commitment)

Here's the link to the Raspbery Pi clubs page