My first Android app - a calculator

I've been meaning to get started with Android for a while, and this weekend I finally did. I set myself the target of making a simple but fully functional calculator.

The two hardest parts of this turned out to be firstly getting the Android AVD to work with a Hello World, and then trying to find and understand the Android error messages. After that was sorted the rest was simple.

As you can see by the image to the right, I made it pink. And now I know why every other calculator on the App Market it a boring shade of grey, the pink just doesn't look as good as I was hoping!!

I don't think this app is quite good enough to put on the app store, (but you can download the APK here), but hopefully this will be the first of many apps to come, and the apps to come will be a bit more useful (and less pink!).

You can view the source code here
Or download the APK here