First version of the Revision Quizzes Revamp Complete!

The Brand New Revision Quizzes
The Brand New Revision Quizzes

The Old Version of Revision Quizzes
The old version of Revision Quizzes
So while I was at college I made a web app for the teachers and pupils to set and complete quizzes and tests. It was the first bit of programming I'd done, so it wasn't amazingly written, but it did take off pretty well, and so I think there's potential for an application like this to do well. That's why I decided to remake it, from scratch, with the aim of making it work SEAMLESSLY!

You can view the original version of Revision Quizzes here - see why I'm remaking it now?!

Okay now for the new version.
The new version will have 6 main pages:
- Homepage - with built in browse and search functions using AJAX
- Start quiz page - displays after you've clicked a quiz but before you've seen the first question
- Quiz page - the actual questions - they mark themselves instantly using AJAX and you can see how many people chose the same answer as you strait away. If there is additional details, images, media or an answer explanation, these will be displayed accordingly.
- The results page - displayed when the quiz is complete. Shows you your score, time and all the important stuff. But it also lets you compare how you did against the averages for this quiz, there's a high score leader board and a rating system as well as social sharing options.
- Create a quiz page - I haven't got this far yet, but yeah I know, it's kind of crucial
- Users page- again haven't done this, but it will have some user management stuff and leader boards. Note:  users won't have to sign in or anything just to do quizzes.

So far I've done 80% of the homepage just got to make the search better, and pretty much finished the quiz pages, but haven't yet started the create quiz page or user page.

Click here to check it out,

Let me know what you think below, I'm open to suggestions.